Honey: A remedy for the ages.

Honey Process
The formulation of Honey and its use in everyday life goes back many thousands of years ago. Essentially, the nectar of the flower is collected by the bees which when its brought back to the beehive is consumed and digested into honey as we know it, a sweet liquid which encapsulates so many diets around the globe.

From a nutrition point of view, it contains fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose but practically no fat, protein or fibre.



The pure and raw honey are rich in Antioxidants which is a major pull for many who wish to stay illness free as its renowned for reducing risk of many types of cancers and also strokes.

It is clear to all that Honey is a tasty and healthier option as opposed to Sugar but it is important to note there is a big difference between pure high quality honey and lower quality honey mixed with sweeteners.

As well as the fact that honey take in high volumes can be detrimental due it being high in calories and sugar and so for it be classed as part of a healthy diet, it must be taken in moderation.